Inman Aligner

As time goes by, your  teeth tend to shift, sometimes causing your front top and bottom teeth to become crooked. At first glance you may think you need braces, however with the patented Inman Aligner, your front teeth can be gently guided to an ideal position quickly and effectively, in a matter of a few weeks. The Inman Aligner applies a gentle pressure to the teeth that need to be moved. This gentle process is provided by the spring action of the appliance. Once your teeth are corrected the Inman Aligner works like a retainer and holds them in place.

Advantages to Inman Aligner

  • Allows you to achieve great results using just one appliance
  • Can give yo a wonderful smile with less hassle and expense, in a shorter period of time.
  • Can be removed and inserted as easily as a retainer

Can the Inman Aligner correct crowned teeth?

No. The Inman Aligner is designed to treat the upper and lower front teeth. After an evaluation, your dentist can determine if the Inman Aligner is right for your particular case, and will recommend treatment options.